By Anna Giles

LODI (CBS13) — Court documents reveal disturbing new details about a man accused of driving a truck through a crowd of peaceful protesters in Pasadena earlier this year.

On May 31st, dozens of people gathered in Pasadena to protest racial injustice. Federal officers describe the suspect’s truck as displaying flags associated with right-wing extremist groups.

Records obtained from the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California accuse the suspect, Benjamin Hung, of using his family’s vineyard in Lodi as a training camp where he amassed weapons and tactical gear.

Loaded guns were found in his car at the protest incident, but no one was hurt.

Hung is facing federal weapons charges. Court documents reveal Hung spent months at his family’s vineyard in Lodi before showing up at the protest in Pasadena.

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The vineyard on North Davis Road was used “as a training camp to prepare and engage in civil disorders.” During the investigation, federal authorities used aerial surveillance to find “what appears to be a shooting range with targets in a forested area set back from the main house.”

Neighbors told the FBI they heard gunfire at least twice a month for two hours at a time. Hung is accused of illegally obtaining guns from out of state. Court records accuse him of amassing assault rifles, pistols, ammunition and other tactical equipment.

Neighbors CBS13 spoke to would not go on camera but called the charges “absurd.” They say the Hung family is a wonderful part of the community and that the suspect’s mother is distraught over the situation.

It’s not clear if Hung’s family knew about any of this illegal activity.

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  1. fiddlestix says:

    Nice hatchet job of a news article. Guy legally shoots guns on his property and it’s a tactical camp. Idiots blocking traffic called peaceful protestors. The American flag called associated with right wing groups. Report the news instead of spinning it.

    1. Woke says:

      The “right wing” flags are a red herring….just a ruse by this guy to disguise the real intentions. The Chinese Communist Party has a standing army in Northern California, and America, masquerading as “wonderful parts of the community”…..Good job flushing out this nest of infiltrators “training” for the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic by the CCP.

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