By Heather Janssen

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – As parents navigate distance learning, some are finding themselves to become ‘co-educators.’ By that, many are teaching themselves certain skills in order to help with homework. But with local library resources, parents don’t have to do it alone.

“I’m a little overwhelmed still, actually,” Trish Shoemaker, a single mom, said.

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Now a few weeks into distance learning, she’s realized most parents are a little overwhelmed and at times, a little frustrated. Distance learning has posed new challenges.

“It feels like it’s a second job at times,” she said. She’s trying to keep up with her daily goals, and tackle already existing struggles, like common core math.

“That’s been a challenge for a couple of years,” she said. “Trying to understand something I never was taught.”

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Many families feel lost in times like these, but the Sacramento Public Library hopes to help.

“We know this is a time where everyone is stretched is to their limits,” said Christie Hamm, the youth services manager for Sacramento Public Library. She explained that though buildings are closed, there are resources available to parents trying to navigate these trying times.

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Aside from picking up books to go, a library card also means access to several online services, like live tutoring. A simple click and dropdown menu takes you to a student’s grade and subject, then pairs them off with a tutor from there. All of it is at no charge to families.

So far, folks with the Sacramento Public Library said people are taking advantage. They’ve noticed an uptick in usage, but there’s always room for more.

“Our community is taking advantage of that,” Hamm said. “We want to make sure everybody knows how much is available to the library and meet their needs during this time.”

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These services are something Shoemaker believes can be a benefit to families in the community, though she hopes not to get too reliant on extra help.

“Whatever helps them understand – I’m all for it,” Shoemaker said.

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These services aren’t specific to Sacramento. Most local libraries have them, too. Those with the Sacramento Public Library say even though they’re closed, it’s still possible to get a digital library card to be able to access all of their online resources.