By Marissa Perlman

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — A teenager was killed Saturday in a crash while crossing a heavily-traveled road in Elk Grove.

A family member said the teen loved to ride his skateboard, scooter and bike. That’s what he was doing Saturday when his life was cut short. They placed flowers at the intersection along Whitelock Parkway where he was hit. She says he had been warned about the intersection before.

“It was a constant thing with his dad, don’t cross here, don’t cross here,” she said.

But on Saturday afternoon, traffic was moving quickly and the teen and his friend thought they could make it across safely. A driver clipped the back of his bike, throwing him 10 feet in the air and thirty feet away from where he was hit.  Police say the pedestrian signal wasn’t activated.

Now the family is calling for change.

In January, Elk Grove made a series of speed limit adjustments across the city, including Whitelock Parkway, changing the limit from 35 to 45 miles per hour. The move was based on a traffic study done in 2018 on the collision rate in the area.

But both family and neighbors say instead of 45, now drivers go 60 miles per hour. Neighbor Ronald Chan said, “From Bruceville to Bighorn, it’s a straight drag race.”

“Our main concern now is the crosswalk and making sure people stop when they see pedestrians,” the teen’s aunt said.

They worry, without change, this tragedy could happen again.

“He’s not the first, and he’s probably not going to be the last,” she said.

The city says they made intersection improvements just recently, adding signalized buttons at the stoplight to increase safety.

The driver is cooperating with police, and the crash is still under investigation.

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Marissa Perlman

Comments (2)
  1. “Police say the pedestrian signal wasn’t activated. Now the family is calling for change.”
    While we all grieve for the loss of a child, all the change in the world will not matter if basic safety protocols arent followed, like “activating the pedestrian signal” before attempting to cross.
    Change starts at home, in the personal psyche, not via government mandate and thats the problem with society now, everyone wants a nanny state instead of freedom to make choices. Choosing to use the “pedestrian signal” would have possibly saved the child’s life. Again, sorry for the loss of the child.

  2. mts5219 says:

    I bet driver was texting. Look into that. But yes boy shouldve used the button for signal if he didnt or timed it better if he didnt use signal. i dont always use signal on big horn by brockenhurst. but i make sure i can see no cars are coming from both directions and i ride across so i dont stop traffic with signal. if lots of traffic i use signal, but if seen cars stop only at last minute even with all the flashing lights cause theyre probably texting or playing with radio or watching a video on their phone. PUT DOWN THE PHONE!!!!!!!

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