By Steve Large

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A victim who suffered major injuries in a fight at a Starbucks in Rocklin has died and the suspect is in custody, according to the Rocklin Police Department.

CBS13 has learned that the victim was a 69-year-old grandfather from Citrus Heights. Friends describe him as a recent retiree who loved motorcycles.

Rocklin Starbucks employees temporarily closed the store on Thursday after learning of their customer’s death.

“I just can’t believe it,” Starbucks customer Beverly Pilcher said.

Rocklin police arrested 20-year-old River Baumann on voluntary manslaughter charges in connection with the death. They say Baumann was in a truck at the Starbucks and the pair first got into a verbal argument that quickly escalated.

“The victim was punched and he fell to the ground sustaining an injury to his head and he never regained consciousness,” Rocklin Detective Zack Lewis said.

Baumann’s mugshot shows a rose tattoo on the side of his face. Police say that wasn’t the only description they used to arrest him.

More from CBS Sacramento:

“He was identified by other means, not just his tattoo so, there’s people that knew his name,” Detective Lewis said.

After initially being arrested for the attack on Sunday, Baumann bailed out of jail. Police re-arrested him on a new voluntary manslaughter charge after his alleged victim died in the hospital.

A senior citizen’s quick stop for a coffee, turning into a violent confrontation, and a senseless death at Starbucks.

The Placer County Coroner has not officially identified the victim in this case. River Baumann is being held on $250,000 bail.

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  1. Brainless Trumpster says:

    Soft, fat guy with a face tat is not going to last long in prison.

  2. Karen says:

    The incident happened Sunday 10/18, not Wednesday.

  3. XYZ says:

    Antifa Sponsored Simian River Daniel Baumann with rich parents (Crystal Baumann et al) and zero IQ, zero social redeeming factors, belongs as somebody’s sex slave in prison. So sorry for the vic who believed righteously that manners, public behavior, morals count in a just America. Let’s get him his America back. Let’s get rid of these A. S. S. ‘s incl. their useless parents.

    1. Mike lacey says:

      Station managers: why haven’t you removed this offensive comment????

      1. Bill G says:

        Maybe Mikey for once a “news” outlet didn’t remove this comment because IT IS TRUE! That punk POS is exactly what XYZ described him as and because of leftists and leftist policies has not only become way too prevalent in our society today but because of democratic “leaders” these punks think they can break the law and get away with it! IT IS TIME FOR THIS TO STOP NOW! Electing Joe Biden will only make all of this way worse. I can tell which way you are going to vote.

      2. Bill G says:

        The worst part about this is after he was punched this punk kicked him in the head numerous times and what did all the people nearby do? They video recorded it! I spoke to a girl who works there and she said there were a number of men close by and they did nothing. I would have tackled the punk and beat the hell out of him if I was there. Leftism has made our country and especially men, so weak and pathetic. What has happened to this once great and strong nation? The answer? Leftism. Elect Joe Biden and this only gets worse.

  4. T. says:

    This 20 year old looks soft as a buttered biscuit even with the face tatt. Society needs better parenting, values, and morals. Parents need to get more involved with their children and start teaching them to be civil members of society instead of allowing them to flourish into cancerous beings for whatever “cause” give them a feeling of purpose. Attacking and killing a senior because you’re angry on the inside and out is not it.

  5. Jack says:

    It’s hilarious y’all think that a Rocklin teen, in a pick-up truck, with a face tattoo, is a liberal activist. No chance. Zero. He’s one of yours, I promise.

  6. antonio says:

    what a waste of life on both ends. Why did he have to be a total punk? Hit a senior? He’s gonna look really pretty with that cute tat in the slam.

  7. el2dadough says:

    Bill G Nice try trying to flip the switch, this guy is more of the Proud Boy/right wing/white supremist playbook…..yeah a Trump clown, I say lock (her to-be) up! Stop casting porosity like your stupid leader!

    1. Mira says:

      Only goes to show how brainwashed people are. You’re in your bubble along with many others who believe Trump=Bad and that this kid was a Proud Boy. Diversify your news, educate yourself.

      1. el2dadough says:

        Stop being such a zip-danged fool casting the porosity and utter ignorance of Trump as legitimate! He’s a certified fool, while you brainlessly follow, voraciously slurping up his fakeness, inhumanity and grossness – and sadly, vociferously so!

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