By Renée Santos

MODESTO (CBS13) — New information has been released about a wild chase through a drug store in Modesto. Police chased after an armed suspect, running around store aisles and eventually opening fire inside the Walgreens.

The suspect was shot in the ear and survived. The officers are now being praised for handling this tense situation.

Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness says the officers’ teamwork takes a lot of restraint and discipline.

“I think it’s a tremendously valuable video,” he said.

Body camera video shows released by the Modesto Police Department shows the chaos just moments before police shot a man inside a Walgreens. In the video, you can see the officer chasing the suspect inside the store. People can also be heard screaming in the background.

McGinness highlights the officer’s calm demeanor throughout the incident, including the moment the suspect showed a gun after slipping in the store.

He says signs of aggression could’ve escalated the situation putting the innocent lives of the patrons inside in even greater danger.

“One of the first things that pops into my mind, frankly, is the risk of a hostage situation. When somebody is desperate to escape that’s not an uncommon course of action,” McGinness said.

In the video, the officer continues to demand the suspect to drop his weapon while his partner goes inside the store to assist before firing one round at the suspect.

“He fires one round of ammunition, one shot and it doesn’t continue,” McGinness said.

McGinness says that too takes a lot of discipline, especially when handling a situation where a suspect is armed and refusing to comply.

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Stephanie Adrian saw the video.

“The officer is still like ‘bro just put it down, come on just calm,’” she described.

She’s grateful for the officers’ actions and for keeping the situation under control.

“And maintained composure because there are customers possibly kids in here you know,” she said.

McGinness said the video is a reminder to comply with police and not attempt to run away.


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