By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Driving down Interstate 80, the last thing new mom Taylor Dooms thought she would have to do is dodge bullets.

In just one week, there have been two shootings along I-80.

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“Saw the passenger window go down, the last I remember was just the glass flying everywhere. My ears were ringing and my son was screaming,” Dooms explained.

Dooms was driving home right before 2 a.m. last Saturday near Norwood Avenue with her three-month-old son Jaxston in the car when she says a man pulled up next to her for a moment, sped up, and then opened fire.

“It has been really hard because I could’ve been shot, they aimed straight for the driver,” she said.

The bullet missed her and her son and hit below the windshield instead.

“I just cant imagine at the speed going on a highway. What would’ve happened if I was shot and the car wrecked?” she said.

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Dooms one of the latest victims in a string of freeway shootings this year, including one Thursday morning on I-80 near Rocklin. The man, in that case, was shot twice. In September, CHP responded to another shooting where a driver was shot as well. It defined the shooting as random.

More from CBS Sacramento:

The mom fears her close call could be a case of mistaken identity. She’s worried it could be connected to similar shootings.

“I just want the person to know who did this, I want him to know that he has the wrong person and it was a mom and her baby. It’s sad because people are so reckless these days and so quick to just pull the trigger,” she said.

Dooms says she is afraid of getting back on the road after the shooting. It happened so fast she didn’t get the make or model of the car. Dooms described the car as a white sedan with dark tinted windows.

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CHP is investigating both shootings. It’s unknown if the two most recent shootings are connected.

Velena Jones