By Anna Giles

PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — A spike in COVID-19 cases sent counties tumbling backward through the tier system Tuesday.

As businesses scramble to adjust, Placer County leaders are promising to back off, telling business owners to do whatever it takes to stay afloat.

The restaurants off Vernon Street have been taking the rules seriously. Many are using tents to keep up with outdoor seating during winter. But it’s also a relief for them to know the county won’t be sending out inspectors.

“I don’t try and look too far out there and get too far ahead of anything,” said Al Santos, the owner of Goose Port.

Santos said he’s taking call after call from people wondering if he’s still open. As confusion over the rules returns once again, Santos said he’s focused on keeping the customer happy.

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“Ultimately it’s the guest that’s my boss so I want to make sure that they’re comfortable,” he said.

Placer County slid back into the red tier Tuesday, meaning tighter restrictions on how many people businesses can have indoor operations. Restaurants are supposed to be at 25 percent capacity.

But Placer County leaders are promising a standoff approach. Supervisor Kirk Uhler said the message from the county board is clear.

“We as a county are not enforcing any of the governor’s mandates. Pure and simple,” Uhler said. ”Do what you need to do to stay in business. Run your businesses. If your customers want to come in, accommodate them.”

As businesses in other counties get hit with fines for thousands of dollars, Placer County health officials said they’ll focus on an educational approach.

The Fig Tree Cafe Owner Josh Lickter said all of his staff wear masks and he set up a tent for outdoor seating.

“I appreciate how businesses-friendly Placer County has been,” he said.

Lickter said he intends to follow the rules and is hoping outdoor dining becomes accepted as routine.

“I’m hoping people will catch on to the idea that people go to football games outside, we watch bands perform outside, why not drink coffee outside,” he said.

Placer County leaders question the fairness of the tier system, especially after state health officials blamed private household gatherings for this recent COVID spike.

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Comments (18)
  1. Marlena says:

    What a shame that we have a board of supervisors who prefers to do NOTHING to keep us safe. They should forfeit any tax-payer compensation for their position if they are not going to actually DO anything for the county during the pandemic. Way to go Board of Supervisors. You are all useless when it comes to Public Health. They have blood on their hands.

    1. Karen Gone Wild says:

      Exactly. We dont care that suicides are up, that child hunger is up, that domestic violence is up, that poverty is up, that 130 million people worldwide will starve due to covid, that assaults are up, that mental illness is up, none of that. We want the society locked down for its own good and we want the freedom to be scared and dictate our victim hood to others. Put in a mask and cover your mouth because we dont want to hear about anything except obey the experts,obey the authorities and it is our right to be delusional and hypochondriacs . Give us our tv, our press conferences and leave us alone you fanatics. We dont need hugs, love, social contact, kisses or family cohesion, as long as we have fauci.

      1. Dr. Palmer says:

        Science is real!
        Deferring to experts (like Fauci) is what smart people do. Placer county should listen to experts and the science.

  2. Paul says:

    Its mentioning that Kirk Uhler is a LAME duck Board of Supervisor that has been voted out by the People. He is an right wing nut job with extremist views. Placer County went blue in the last election and this Board of Supervisors is no longer in alignment politically with the demographics of this county. Kirk Uhler cares more about businesses and profits than the health and safety of the citizens. God help us with such evil people in power in Placer County.

    1. Diane Valdez says:

      Placer Country flipped back to red this last election – EVERY vote counts, right? Makes me wonder how much fraud is really out there in our nation. Businesses need to be saved and people have the right to resume their lives and live it with each other.

      My senior mother does not want to be cloistered away for the remainder of her days. She will continue seeing her grandchildren and her friends. She wants to go out for her breakfasts INDOORS. It’s our right to live how we want. We do not need people in power dictating how we live or die.

      1. RealTroof says:

        @ Diane Valdez- Bless your elder mother, she is the only sane person in the room. Its all fake, covid, and a ruse designed to control your mind. Love your people, enjoy your human kindness, embrace, kiss and hug. Dont let lunatics dictate your reality. Stay strong, resist social pressure because those pressing are insane, weak little minion who will face TheMOSTHIGH as the rats they are. Turn off the tv and create your own reality of love, human interaction, affection and empowerment…Peace

    2. Macroy Uk says:

      That’s just the problem

    3. Jack says:

      Paul, Uhler was re-elected. I’m not sure where you got your mis-information from. Placer did not go blue but you just go ahead and move back to your bay area utopia where you came from since you like their policies so much.

      1. Jennifer Montgomery says:

        Kirk Uhler wasn’t on the ballot in November. He was defeated in the Primary in March.

    4. Fat N Happy says:

      Went blue? Yea, stop reading the Sac Bee and actually look at the Placer elections website. It didn’t go blue in any sense.


  3. Rich Cross says:

    Their failure to lead is causing more deaths, all in the name of profit. This is not magic, it is science. There is a reason that other counties with similar demographics are not in the red: they are following the experts’ guidelines. Shame on Placer County Supervisors. You should have taken note when your health officer quit. We will not forget what you have done.

  4. georgwilliams says:

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  5. georgwilliams says:

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  6. Jack says:

    The county did not “slide into the red tier”. It’s all bullsh*t because the numbers do not add up and they never did. If you want to stay at home then do it, that is your right. Just shut up about it already!

  7. Randy says:

    The answer is easy for me. I will go to Sacramento county to do business. It is safer there! They believe in public health!

    1. Fat N Happy says:

      Randy, I am sure your EBT card will work in Sac county as well. Just be careful of the increasing crime.

      Don’t vote, Randy. And your virtue signalling in fourth rate, at best

  8. TheTroof4Sure says:

    The governor has no power to order anything. It was taken away by Sutter county Superior Court Judge Sarah Hackman on 11-2-2020. Do your research. They keep censoring my comments with the judge’s quotes and details because they dont want you to know that you are being lied to. There is no pandemic, there never was. It is a hoax, a ruse, a scamdemic. The jig is up, the judge voided the emergency powers of newsom and the censoring of truth by the media is shameful. They have been unmasked.

  9. Theodoric Of York says:

    Control freaks that are terrified of a slightly worse than average flu virus – stay home. Wear a body bubble.

    The rest of us are going to live our lives without you. One of the few things I enjoy about the COVID-19 mass hysteria is the ability to cull mentally weak and defective people out of my life, individuals with ZERO ability to parse the lying propaganda dumped on us from every media orifice.

    Kirk Uhler is to be commended. This is what real leadership looks like. One of the primary responsibilities of government is protect the entrepreneurs / business owners. Deaths from all causes in the USA in 2020 are identical with every other year in the 21st Century. There is no health emergency happening.

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