By Ryan Hill

RIO LINDA (CBS13) – Video obtained by CBS13 shows a large crowd of unmasked people standing shoulder to shoulder at an outdoor party in Rio Linda on the first night of curfew Saturday.

The gathering happened at a gated property on 20th Street just off of Elkhorn Boulevard and neighbors said hundreds of people were in attendance.

“When they decide to party, it becomes a real affair,” Dave Leonard, a neighbor, said.

Neighbors on this typically quiet street felt like they had a front-row seat to the action.

“Just cars up and down. Loud music. Lights shining into our house,” Randi Eckman, a neighbor, said.

“It was live music. It sounded live, and even my animals inside my house were scared,” Leonard said.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said 14 calls were received between 8:15 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. regarding complaints of very loud music from the party.

And, it’s not the first time this has happened. Some said there was a previous party a couple of weeks ago.

“You had several hundred people out there. And when I drove by the last one, there was hardly anybody wearing masks,” said Randi Eckman, who lives at the end of the block.

The sheriff’s office said Saturday’s party ended on its own. Deputies arrived close to 11 p.m. and it was already over. Beer, liquor bottles and other trash littered the street.

“It’s got to be put to a stop. They go on far beyond the curfew,” Leonard said.

A spokesperson told CBS13 that Sheriff Scott Jones was very clear in his statement when it comes to not enforcing the new curfew.

Governor Gavin Newsom issued a modified order stating that non-essential business or gatherings are no longer permitted from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in counties in the purple tier.

In a statement, Jones said in part, “The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office will not be determining – including entering any home or business – compliance with or enforcing compliance of, any health or emergency orders related to curfews, staying at home, Thanksgiving or other social gatherings inside or outside the home, maximum occupancy or mask mandates.”

More from CBS Sacramento:

A sheriff’s spokesperson said that it’s not appropriate for armed police officers to enforce health guidelines and the sheriff’s office doesn’t have the staff to do so.

While the neighbors are upset with the noise, they feel this concert party was reckless and hope it doesn’t happen.

“And if we want to get over this pandemic sooner, we need to start locking down and doing what we are supposed to,” Eckman said.

“It’s terrible that they have no consideration for anybody or safeguards or anything whatsoever,” Leonard said.

The sheriff’s office said that none of the 14 calls they got regarding this event expressed COVID-19 concerns.

No arrests were made in connection with this incident.

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  1. SJ says:

    This is NOT ok….even without the pandemic. The fact that you made the story all about COVID and not the fact they there is a concert being held in a residential area UNPERMITTED, alcohol served and the disturbance to the area. Someone from the house tried to say on social media early in the day that it was a Wedding, which was clearly a lie. They had the same event on Oct 17 and the sheriff did nothing. That party went until 2am. If the sheriff didnt show up this time, I am sure it would been exactly the same. The party in no way “shut down on its own.”
    I really hope the residence was cited and fined to prevent them continuing to do this. Residents in the area were calling 311, CHP, Sheriff and Office of Councilwomen Sue Frost office starting early in the day trying to it stopped.
    COVID or not, a concert this size in a residential area is not okay.

    1. Dont Hate Participate says:

      This is why Scott Jones is Sheriff and you aint. As a “law enforcement” leader his department makes the judgment, according to “law” what is and what is not allowed, your feelings, or your emotions play no role in making this determination. That was a private residence, with rights, that do not stop because you disagree with it. The country has been locked down for seven or eight months and there have been no concerts, sports events or other “loud” gatherings. It really is sad and pathetic that you, as a living being, would be so brainwashed that you would deny another living being the freedom to do as they please on their private property just because you dont agree with their activities. Part of being free is the freedom to choose and they chose to party, and you chose to party poop. You have that right, however you dont have the right to dictate what the Sheriff may or may not do. A few parties is a small inconvenience and a true “neighbor” would understand, unless they were a “hater.”

      1. whatever says:

        All fun and games because you aren’t their neighbor. HAD this been a wedding I would of had no objections. THIS was nothing of the such. They charged a $35 cover to get in, their “guests” disrespected our street. I am all for people doing what they want on their property but this was an illegal concert held NOT in a concert space. They are absolutely not the same thing.

      2. HealthMatters says:

        There is a Sac. County ordinance against loud noise after 10 pm and some people have to go to work the in morning! It’s called consideration.

        I wish some of you non Covid believers could come to the hospital and see that Covid is a REAL and serious illness. I wonder how long you’d last watching people fighting to breathe and die!
        – Registered Nurse

    2. Kool Aid 4U says:

      “And if we want to get over this pandemic sooner, we need to start locking down and doing what we are supposed to,” Eckman said.

      Spoken like a real brainwashed, television watching, kool aid drinking, sycophant of the tyrannical regime. The pandemic is fake, and the party proves it. If it was real then the people at the party would have too scared, after 9 months, to attend. Wake up, Eckman.

  2. Fraud says:

    @HealthMatter- FYI, I went to the hospital during the height of the covid scare and guess what? The hospital emergency room was completely empty. I was in and out of emergency for 13 sutures in less than a hour. The doctor told me she was glad I came in because, “since this covid thing we havent had anything to do.” Lets not forget empty Arco Arena, empty hospital ships, and hospitals laying off workers nationwide. Save your fear mongering for those chumps who are playing into the fraud of the hospitals getting 13k for each covid diagnosis. Its all a fraud, and no one is dying at any more of a rapid pace than in previous years. More people die of TB, diarrhea, and heart disease than the common cold virus named corona. The court in Portugal issued a ruling that PCR tests are not accurate except 3% of the time. Thats a 97% false positive. Save your psy-op for the dummies. Its all fraud.

    1. HealthMatters says:

      @Fraud Lol You are a liar. Keep drinking Dump’s Kool-aid wussy. Looking forward to 2021!

    2. Johnny says:

      What were the sutures for, a lobotomy?

  3. Sara L says:

    Don’t drink the kool aid!!
    Beastie Boys!!
    Fight for your right to party!!

  4. seen it all says:

    film your hospital d o t c o m

    1. The Right is on the wrong side of history says:

      Film YOU in the hospital d o t c o m

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