By Elisabeth Smith

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A sideshow brought freeway traffic to a halt Saturday afternoon in Sacramento.

Eastbound Highway 50 became a parking lot as a few vehicles spun out and did donuts near the Interstate 5 interchange, leaving dark tire marks on the road.

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Several spectators stood on the road and filmed the vehicles in the sideshow. One person held the flag of Mexico out of a truck window as a man filmed on his cellphone and smoke billowed from the truck’s tires.

No injuries were reported.

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Traffic on westbound 50 also slowed as people watched the sideshow from the other side of the freeway. Drivers on eastbound 50 were stopped for approximately 15 minutes.

Sacramento police say there were multiple sideshows in Sacramento city limits and around Sacramento County Saturday. Officers have dispersed the sideshows and some enforcement action was taken, but officials did not have any specific information on potential arrests or citations.

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