By Marissa Perlman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento Police Department said officers are searching for a downtown prowler on the loose.

Multiple women have reported the same man lurking at night in their midtown neighborhood. The crimes are becoming increasingly more chilling.

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Some women said the man is stalking them at night, sometimes popping up outside their bedroom windows. They worry whether his behavior could turn from straight creepy to violent.

Five women – all formerly strangers – were brought together by fear. They say they were terrorized by the same man.

“I woke up to him, bang, bang, bang, just banging,” said one of the women, Monique Moffet.

The suspect reportedly peeped through their bedroom windows in the dark of night, watching. The women say he sometimes leaves behind lewd notes, women’s panties and twice, a rose.

“I’m terrified, I live in a studio apartment both windows he’s tried to enter in on the two sides of my bed,” she said.

The crimes have been getting bolder, with him breaking into one woman’s home.

Their concern now is what he will do next.

CBS13 asked Dr. Judy Ho, a Forensic Neuropsychologist, and Dr. Diane Powell, a Clinical Psychologist, that question. They both agree this suspect’s behavior shows he may have a voyeuristic disorder and could be looking for a reaction from his victims.

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“A lot of people who are peeping Toms get a sick pleasure from making their victims feel afraid,” Dr. Ho said.

More from CBS Sacramento:

Dr. Powell said this voyeur’s actions are escalating and what is now a home break-in could soon turn into violence.

“You can’t say who is going to up the ante and who is not, but there is this possibility,” Powell said.

Dr. Ho said, “Not all peeping Toms become serial killers but many serial killers started out as peeping Toms.”

Reports of these attacks date back to July. The women started to act as their own detectives, taking their cases to the police.

Sacramento police are investigating and increasing security in these targeted neighborhoods.

According to police, if the suspect is caught, he could be arrested for felony burglary and misdemeanor prowling.

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Detectives are looking for more surveillance video from other victims or witnesses. Tips can be submitted anonymously through Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP (4357)

Marissa Perlman