By Renée Santos

SONORA (CBS13) — A Sonora man is facing 54 charges related to allegations of selling drugs to minors in exchange for sex and sexual content.

David Pacheco, 30, appeared in court via Zoom Wednesday. He’s accused of using social media to exchange drugs for sex and sexual pictures with more than 100 students in middle and high school.

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“People are angry, it’s almost a mob mentality,” said Lisa, a concerned resident.

Community members like Lisa are pushing for no bail for Pacheco. She’s deeply disturbed by the dozens of allegations against him.

A 30-year-old Sonora man is accused of using Snapchat to exchange sexual acts and explicit images with more than 100 minors for drugs, the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office announced on Friday, Feb. 23. (credit: Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office)

A search of Pacheco’s vehicle, the home and a storage unit “uncovered over 14 pounds of marijuana, nearly two ounces of psilocybin mushrooms, concentrated marijuana, marijuana vape pens, tobacco products, alcohol products, and various marijuana-laced snack products including candy, cereal, and fun-sized bags of chips,” the sheriff’s office said.

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In court Wednesday, CBS13 learned of an additional 11 victims.

“I don’t believe people like this should be breathing the same air as our children,” she said.

As Pacheco’s arraignment continues later this week, some in the community are pushing to keep him behind bars hoping he isn’t able to pay his way out of jail.

“We need a higher bail or no bail for him monsters like this should not walk the streets and it’s up to us people in the community to make sure that happens,” she said.

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Pachecho’s bail is still set at $250,000. He would have to pay $25,000 to bond out. His arraignment is set to continue Friday.