ROSEMONT (CBS13) – Local residents were shocked to hear a 13-year-old girl was found murdered in a Rosemont park. Her death has left many parents wondering if the people who run the park did enough to keep it safe.

“In a word, I was ticked,” said Doug Haaland, president of the Rosemont Community Association. “And we would’ve expected to at least show sympathy to the family, if not the community.”

Haaland is demanding answers. Soon after Jessica Funk-Haslam’s murder on the evening of March 5, the sheriff’s office held a meeting with the community, but one important agency was a no-show.

“Everybody was there, but nobody from the park district,” said Haaland.

“Why wasn’t the district at the meeting? I’m not 100 percent sure why the district wasn’t at the meeting,” said Jim Rodems, a Cordova Recreation and Park District representative.

Rodems says no one told the district about the meeting, and admits they haven’t gone out to the community.

“We’re still doing outreach in that area and it continues,” said Rodems.

“If you look at the middle of the field there’s no lighting out there at all,” said Rosemont resident John Seime.

For years, neighbors say they’ve struggled with the park district to listen to their concerns, asking for more lighting, surveillance cameras and more patrols. But the district says they just don’t have the money.

“I’m not buying that. I’m not buying that at all,” said Rosemont resident Emilio.

“It’s been the source of some disappointment for the folks at Rosemont,” said Haaland.

They believe the district continues to ignore their cries even in the face of tragedy.

“We’re kind of feeling like the, you know, the red haired stepchild child at the dinner table,” said Haaland.

The district just put in new sidewalks and upgraded to the bathrooms, but parks says they couldn’t use the money for lighting.

The parks administrator says he was here three weeks ago to survey the park.

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  1. david says:

    The district just put in new sidewalks and upgraded to the bathrooms, but parks says they couldn’t use the money for lighting.
    Remeber bathrooms and sidwalks are ADA sueables lighting is not.

  2. GOLDFINGER says:

    I think the people of Rosemont Community got there fools mixed up.
    Inn this matter, Parks and Rec. are not responsible for the safety of people’s well being.That job is for the Sheriffs Department of that community.
    They need too put the credit were the credit is due and that’s law enforcement not Parks and Rec.

    1. Matt says:

      Or maybe the parents of a 13 year old girl out on her own at night.

      1. Rudy_in_Sac says:

        I’m sure you’re super-dad…

      2. GOLDFINGER says:

        Your absolutely right Matt.

      3. erochajr says:

        I cannot agree with you more. When is it the job of the park districts job to watch kids at the park.. It is sad what happen to this young girl but parents need to take responsibility and watch their kids. Lights would not have changed what happen, there are hundreds of parks with out lights and this has not happened and in the same there are hundreds of parks that do have lights where it does happen. Matt what you said is right on

    2. GOLDFINGER says:

      Thanks Rudy in SAC

  3. Cindy says:

    I live in Rosemont and don’t see how blame can be given to the Parks and Recreation Department. I feel lights or no lights this would have happened. If not in the park it would have been somewhere else. The person to blame is the person who did it. To me this is just horrible and this poor little girl didn’t deserve what happened to her but we need to put the blame where it really belongs- the killer.

    1. GOLDFINGER says:

      Yes, but who is the killer?

    2. Carrie says:

      Yes and I hope they find out who did this soon. I would not want to hear of anyone else being hurt by this person.

  4. FundArenaNOT cops says:

    This is what happens when you cut police patrols. SSD doesnt have the $$ to patrol a park..they have shootings and major crimes to go to……one after the other..same with the city of Sacramento. When will our leaders see that cutting police staffing has dire consequences. Our elected officials want to cut police to preserve other programs..all the while crime is rising..and innocent people are suffering. The city manager of Sacramento will soon release his budget and tell the community there is a defect, and he is going to lay police off…only WEEKS after agreeing to spend 260 MILLION on a new arena. Our elected officials are backwards..and we continue to suffer the consequences!

    1. GOLDFINGER says:

      And it’s only going too get worse. Its sad too say.

  5. useyourbrain says:

    The parents are 100% responsible…..not the parks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. concerned citizen says:

    Fix the damn lights you all just remodeled the park thats great but wut good is it if kids aint safe there. ive seen that park at night it aint safe and no kids shouldnt hang out there at night but they are going to anyway. trouble goes on at the park more because of the little light. you cant see anything kids can get drunk and smoke all they want there most of the time the cops cant see em. the park even leaves the restrooms open at night sumtimes all night. the city does deffinatly need to do more to make it safe instead of worrying about how the park looks. GET PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!!!

    1. GOLDFINGER says:

      Where I’m from police have spot lights attached too their patrol cars, now whether they use them or not, that’s a whole different issue.

  7. Pablo Cruz says:

    LOL Concerned your about as smart as you type.If parks and rec. get the money allotted to them for sidewalks and bathroom upgrades then that’s what the money has to be used for.If they put the lights in but said you had to pay more taxes to cover the extra electricity you would cry about that,but most importantly the parks were not put in for you or your kids to go hang out smoke,drink or play games in the bathrooms at night in the first place and if these kids are drinking then maybe some of you so called concerned parents should find out who’s buying or selling these kids the alcohol. The priority starts with the parents not parks and rec. and lights

    1. Daniel says:

      *You’re* about as smart as you type. Don’t mock people when you yourself are an idiot-love Daniel

      1. Yes says:

        Do you feel big now? “idiot-love Daniel”

  8. jack frost says:

    y put more lights when they dont have money! and citizens are concerned they shud stay home why go out at night and be the victim, and wat was 13 yr old doin out there alone anyways..she wondered from one place to another so who knos wat she was doin….. cant blame on the city its public park and theres no restrictions and anything coud happen there … its your part to watch your kids hangin out late not the community..lights and cameras will be stolen and broken.

  9. jack frost says:

    thanks usryourbrain u make sense but not other pple… police has no time to seat and watch over pples kids.

  10. Taya Mello says:

    hey what about all the money our CITY is putting into this new arena…how is that helping keep us safe???/?

  11. Mike says:

    the problem is sacramento, especially rosemont and rancho, has a problem with out of control teenagers. I have was born and raised in oakland and ived over ten years in LA before moving here and i have seen real gang members. Sacramento has a bunch of punk teenagers that roam the streets at al hours due to lack of parental control. i’m not suprised that there aren’t more cases like this here. go to any park or lightrail stop in the area and you will see what i am taking about.

  12. Crumrun says:

    If you know nothing about this park then your words mean squat. People have been pleading with CRPD for years to address the lighting and security, and this was after many fights and even stabbings and shootings have happened there. Now a child is dead (and I certainly hope you aren’t blaming her for that) and you want to defend a F-d up department for just being asked to put in lights!? CRPD isn’t the killer, but there is no way to see what is going on in there, and unless you know the area, you don’t know what you’re talking about. As for not having money, CRPD has “lost” or reallocated over tons of $ that was suppose to go to that area and they are spending hundreds of K just to maintain nonoperational vehicles, and they are constantly sucking the county dry to pay for over-expensive projects in Rancho City. The very least they could do is put in some lights, so even if there are parents who don’t watch after their kids, others can call the cops when they see a problem out there. I don’t see what’s wrong with that, but I guess for some pinching pennies is more important that safety.

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