STOCKTON (CBS13) – Horrifying video shows a 9-year old hit by a car near a Stockton intersection last week, a location some residents say is just too dangerous to cross.

Residents are using the accident as a rallying call for change. Neighbors are concerned the crosswalk on. N. California Street alone isn’t enough.

The crash last Wednesday was caught on tape from a business across the street. It shows the 9-year-old boy approach the area near the crosswalk in the 2800 block of N. California. One car slows down, but as the boy runs out into the crosswalk, the driver of a white small SUV slams into him, sending the boy about 20 feet down the street. He landed steps from Alpine Market.

The boy is being treated at UC Davis Medical Center.

“It’s pretty terrible,” store owner Harry Shergill said. “It’s bad. I see him always come into the store, an active kid.”

The owner of the neighborhood store is hopeful the crash will spark change.

“The city needs to put a light here so people can stop,” he said.

When hitting the button at the intersection to activate flashing lights, pedestrians are warned to “cross with caution, vehicle may not stop,” but some are concerned dim lights outlining the crosswalk and reflectors on the crossing sign aren’t enough to keep pedestrians safe.

“It’s not lit up really well, not marked really,” neighbor Pam Rico said.

Witnesses say the boy arrived alone to a nearby bakery Wednesday morning but ran back home to get money for a breakfast pastry. It was his second time crossing California Street when he didn’t make it to the other side.

“Poor little kid crossing the street and the car doesn’t stop and smacks him,” Bill Oneto said.

“He’s in the recovery room and getting better, thank God,” Shergill said.


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