By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A day after gunfire sent Little Leaguers scrambling, kids are back to playing ball in south Sacramento.

No one was hit by the spray of bullets Tuesday night, just 100 yards from the ballfields, but parents and players on the Florin Little League diamonds are still reeling from their very close call.

Sheriff’s patrols were stepped up as the kids played without a single care in the world.

Parents kept one eye on the diamond and the other on the rough neighborhood surrounding it.

“We’re panicking as parents, standing here on guard, watching our children, ready to dive in front of them for a bullet,” said parent Jennifer Shires.

A bold statement from another parent was the biggest hit of the night

“There’s bad guys out there, but life goes on,” said Dannette West. “We’re ready to play some ball.”


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