STOCKTON (CBS13) — The chairman of the board for the Stockton Boys And Girls Club is stepping down after questionable pictures of him surfaced online.

Guy Hatch says he’s not stepping down entirely, and he’ll remain on the board—he just won’t be the head of it.

Pictures from a company called Frankenmuffin’s Facebook page show the chairman at a Stockton bar.

Three photos show him making a face while placing his hand on three different men’s crotches. In another photo, he’s smiling and flashing the Westside gang sign with his hand.

A caption on the photos say they are staged photos of silly poses taken among friends.

Board member Paul Amador suspects people noticed the questionable pictures while browsing photos from a recent Boys And Girls Club charity event. The same photographer was used, and pictures of both parties were placed online for anyone to see.

“Sure it was a bit inappropriate, but he was on his own time,” said Amador.

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva remains the CEO of the group until his resignation goes into effect in a few weeks.

In a statement, Silva says, “Mr. Hatch has done a lot to raise money for disadvantaged children in the community and his heart is in the right place.”

Hatch and another associate of Silva recently landed in the spotlight after allegations of an email hacking plot targeting city hall.

Hatch wasn’t available for comment.

His fellow board member hopes the organization can move forward.

“First and foremost, he thought about the kids at the Boys And Girls Club, and he decided himself to step away to not draw any negative publicity to the club.”

The board will meet on Friday to accept the resignation and decide how to fill the position.


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