MODESTO (CBS13) — Nightlife supporters transformed the downtown courtyard into a makeshift graveyard to raise awareness new rules for nighttime events.

About two dozen headstones bear the names of businesses that for one reason or another closed up shop.

Organizers are hoping to get the attention of Modesto’s entertainment commission, which is currently reviewing the permit for Fat Cat Music House and Lounge.

“There’s a lot of restrictions going on with entertainment restrictions that I don’t think are necessary,” said supporter Kimberly Humke.

The Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll says new rules requiring promoters who want to throw a special event to file for a permit were prompted by safety concerns.

“If these events let out the exact time that a nightclub is going to let out, now you are mixing potential 15-, 16-year-olds with adults who’ve been drinking all night,” he said. “We have had all-ages events in the past that have become near riots, large fights. We’ve had sexual assaults.”

Police want the underage partygoers gone by 10 p.m., and tight security to prevent underage drinking.

The commission will meet on Thursday, and the graveyard will stay up until then.


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