SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Sacramento County is finally doing something about an epidemic of cars crashing through fences in one neighborhood.

Chad Bradley still lives on edge, even after hearing the county is trying to make the dangerous Roseville Road intersection safer.

“Every single [car] you hear that is coming fast, you hold your breath for a second,” he said, “and when it passes, you’re relaxed.”

Four cars have crashed through his fence and into his backyard in the past 16 months.

CBS13 first met Chad in December when he showed us the concrete barriers he constructed to protect his wife, kids, and home.

“I can’t risk something happening to my family, waiting on the county getting something done here,” he said.

Then in January, Chad’s neighbor, Jaylene Higgins, called us after her fence was hit. It wasn’t her first time either.

The neighbors blame the crashes on speeding drivers on Roseville Road failing to negotiate the turn into their neighborhood.

They think a stoplight or a sign would help.

After CBS13 pressed for answers, the Sacramento County Department of Transportation says it will add new striping to guide drivers and warning signs on both directions of Roseville Road.

“I’m glad that they are doing something,” Jaylene said. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

The county also said it will monitor the intersection to see if any additional action needs to be taken.

Chad asks whether that goes far enough.

“Is it for one of my kids to die? Is it for me to die? Is it for my house totally to be wiped out? What’s the next step?” he said. “What is it going to take for them to think that this intersection is too dangerous?”

The county points out the intersection meets roadway standards and that all crashes are due to driver error.


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