Sacramento Hidden Cash Announcement Coming At 8 p.m. Monday

Sacramento, get ready to go on a scavenger hunt! @HiddenCash is on its way here!

EXCLUSIVE: First Hidden Cash Clue Revealed

The account’s owner tweeted yesterday the hunt will start before 9 a.m. sometime this week, and clues for where to look will be announced the night before.

Cash hunts have taken place worldwide in places like London, New York and San Francisco.

More details will come out at 8 p.m.

Jason Buzi, the man behind @HiddenCash, has agreed to appear on Good Day Sacramento during his visit, although the exact date is still under wraps.

Hidden Cash will be hitting four capital cities over the next few weeks, according to more tweets. Along with Sacramento, cash will be hidden in London, Paris and Madrid.

If you’re interested in participating in the scavenger hunt, make sure to check the group’s Twitter feed for clues on where the $20, $50 or $100 bills are hidden.

In their most recent tweet as of Wednesday morning, Hidden Cash noted that they are not a charity or billionaires. They just want to help people have fun.


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