STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton Police believe they found the car that dropped off three suspects in Wednesday’s deadly bank robbers, but the fourth suspect has not been found.

The robbery at the Stockton Bank of the West led to a nearly hour-long pursuit and shootout where suspects are believed to have used a hostage as a human shield.

The car was found within an hour of police releasing surveillance footage of the black car.

Alfred Gurrera lives in the quiet Stockton neighborhood where the car was found and says in his many years there, he’s never seen anything like this.

“That’s close to home,” he said. “That’s really scary.”

Gurrera says he didn’t even think twice about the car that officers say was driven by a fourth suspect in the violent crime.

“There was no reason to notice a car in the neighborhood,” he said. “That car is there, that car over there; people have company.”

But other neighbors did, and Officer Joe Silva says they called it in. Police were able to find the car quickly with their help.

“We could see exactly how quickly these investigations can be solved,” he said.

But neighbors are still surprised that a key clue in such a violent crime was left in their quiet community.

“I have a feeling those people do not live here I think they dropped it off because its not far from the freeway and its a quiet area,” Gurrera said.

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