SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento City Councilman Allen Warren is no longer endorsing District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert in her re-election bid.

Warren said he rescinded his support since he no longer has confidence in the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

He authored a letter reading in part:

“District 2 and other communities with similar demographics have been negatively impacted by many social detriments that undermine a community’s ability to be healthy, vibrant, and thriving. These detriments include, high unemployment, lack of educational attainment, food deserts, crime as well as the perception of crime. My council office along with a number of community leaders have been chipping away daily at these challenges.

Notwithstanding these and other social detriments, justice in America has often been applied unequally and has disproportionately been weighed against blacks, other colored minorities, as well as poor whites, further negatively impacting the overall health and well-being of these communities.

As we face another election year, I have been carefully listening, observing and gathering facts on social injustices on the national forefront such as policing, criminalization of the poor, mass incarceration and the heavy handedness of our justice system on those who are least able to adequately defend themselves. These social injustices have been extremely destructive and mostly impact minorities and people of moderate to low income.

My previous endorsement of our current district attorney was given based on the benefit of the doubt that the office would apply the criminal justice system equally and fairly across all sectors of our society. Given the current state of affairs relative to the issues aforementioned I find it inappropriate for me to give this important political office the benefit of the doubt and I need certainty as it relates to the application of justice.

Therefore, I am rescinding my endorsement of the current District Attorney until I am completely comfortable that the justice system will be fairly applied.”

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Warren made the decision after two officers with the Sacramento Police Department killed Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man, in March. Sacramento PD is still investigating the shooting and hasn’t turned the case over to the District Attorney’s Office yet for a decision on charges. Since that shooting, protesters have demonstrated in front of Schubert’s office demanding charges. They’ve also protested about the lack of charges in other officer-involved shootings, including the death of Joseph Mann in 2016.

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Schubert is still being endorsed by other members of the Sacramento City Council, including Mayor Darrell Steinberg. Councilman Warren said his decision to not support Schubert does not mean he is endorsing her opponent, Noah Phillips.

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Warren represents District 2. He was first elected in 2012 and re-elected in 2016.

A spokesman for Schubert pointed out her support from local law enforcement and her near unanimous support from local officials.


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