SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The man accused of dumping his daughter’s dead body inside a Sacramento storage locker is awaiting extradition to Reno.

Tyler Anderson, 24, appeared in court on Monday, nearly a week after his 5-year-old daughter’s body was found inside a U-Haul storage unit near Business 80.

Anderson lacked expression on his face as he stood before a judge in a Sacramento County courtroom. He’s suspected of abusing and endangering his daughter, leading to her death on May 4. His wife, Averyauna Anderson, 23, faces charges of child abuse and destroying and concealing evidence.

An affidavit filed by Reno Police revealed the girl had been living in deplorable conditions. Detectives say they found a wire animal crate with handcuffs in one of the bathrooms of Anderson’s Reno home. The child’s belongings were found next to the crate, along with old food on the floor.

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Police say the girl was found unresponsive on May 4. Anderson’s wife told detectives she attempted CPR on the girl with Anderson’s help for several hours. Eventually, they say the couple stuffed the girl in a duffel bag and then inside a plastic drum. A week later, she was driven to the Sacramento storage facility at 1850 Glenrose Avenue.

Residents across the street from the storage facility where the girl’s body was found are angry and in shock.

“I don’t understand what kind of person could do that,” said Tonya Gross. “I don’t understand how people can do this to a child. That’s the only thing that gets me, is how you can do it to a child.”

Tyler and Averyauna Anderson

Reno child protective services said in a statement: “Washoe County Human Services Agency has no history of interaction or involvement with this family. We have removed the surviving siblings and they are safe as we are providing care for them at this time.”

Anderson is awaiting extradition back to Reno. There he’ll are facing child abuse charges. A motion has been filed in Washoe County to determine whether he is competent to stand trial in his daughter’s death.