by Rob Malcolm

LODI (CBS13) — The family of a high school sophomore says their 15-year-old has started the school year under a constant threat of violence and bullying.

Tokay High School sophomore Mohammad Azmat says he faces constant bullying at school and the school administration is doing little to help.

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“They just like pick on random people, but mostly their own, like, Pakistani people,” Azmat said.

Azmat said he was cornered by the bullies on Friday afternoon after returning from lunch. He said the attack was unprovoked. A video of the fight was posted to Snapchat and circulated among the school.

“I was going back to class and some guy, he just pulled me from my backpack. And I was just walking away to my class and then he starts swinging and I had to fight back,” Azmat said.

Azmat said he’s faced constant threats since last Wednesday from a group of teens made up of Mexican and Pakistani students like himself. He said his only mistake was standing up for himself.

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“You’re not supposed to fight them, even if they start it first, you’re not supposed to fight back,” Azmat said.

Concerned about verbalized physical threats on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, the school called Azmat’s parents to pick him up early. By the end of the week, the fight took place on campus.

The group of teens also came to the family’s home on Friday night to confront Azmat. The frightened family filed a police report, but Lodi police say no arrests have been made or charges filed. A spokesperson says the entire fight is being handled internally by the Lodi Unified School District.

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Azmat’s uncle Tillat Satter is now fighting the school for his nephew’s safety and said he’s not getting much help.

“There is only one high school here and if it is not safe, we want him to be safe,” said Satter.

District spokesperson Chelsea Vongehr said they are aware of the incident.

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“We did receive the video today but we can’t comment on specifics due to matters due to privacy laws,” said Vongehr. “Anytime there’s a student safety issue, our staff deal with it appropriately after thoroughly investigating.”

When asked by CBS13 what is being to protect the 15-year old student and if the investigation is ongoing or over, Vongehr was limited in her response.

“I can’t speak to specific issues due to student privacy laws,” Vongehr said.

Only a month into the school year, Azmat has already made his decision on what he wants to do.

“I don’t feel safe in the school so I don’t think I’m going back,” he said.

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Azmat is considering enrolling at a school in Stockton or Elk Grove, where his uncle lives.