By Steve Large

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville father is speaking out following a terrifying encounter inside his own home, between his teenage son and a neighbor, who is also an FBI agent.

The neighbor allegedly chased his son inside the home and pointed a gun at him, after the teen son played a prank on him, knocking over an inflatable snowman on the FBI agent’s lawn.

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“If this had happened to me, this thing would have been over and two months later, I’d be in prison,” Roseville father Chris Perry said. “I have more flashbacks and whacked out visions of it all the time.”

The encounter happened in December 2017. During his son’s 14th birthday party, the teen and a friend targeted a neighbor’s inflatable snowman, leading the agent to run after the teen all the way inside the teen’s home.

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“I fly out of bed and I turn the corner and there’s a dude in my house, two feet inside my house pointing a gun at my son and his friend, and I just flipped and tackled him out the door. It was just panic,” Perry said.

The FBI agent was arrested that night nearly two years ago. Last year, the Placer County District Attorney filed a felony charge against agent Michael Corrigan. The case has yet to go to trial.

“The more I think about it, the worse it gets in my mind, of all the potential what-ifs,” Perry said. “He could have shot a random kid in my house, and then I have to explain that to parents?”

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The FBI would not comment on the criminal case and whether the agent is facing discipline.

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Defense attorney Bill Portonova issued a statement reading: “Special agent Michael Corrigan is an honorable family man with an exemplary career in law enforcement and he has full faith that these unfortunate proceedings will achieve a just end.”

“It’s been two years. I just want some justice with it,” Perry said.

Perry never spoke to Corrigan that night, but he did talk to Corrigan’s wife.

“I kind of look out the window, and there’s a woman and they’re like talking, and I open the door and I’m like, and I go, ‘what the hell is going on and she’s like, I called the cops your son ruined my snowman!’ And I go, ‘yeah, your husband is in my home with a gun!’” Perry said.

Perry said, in the two years that have past, the two still live around the corner from each other but have not spoken.

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Corrigan was back in court Friday for a status conference, but there is no timetable for when this trial will take place.