By Rachel Wulff

DAVIS (CBS13) — UC Davis students are on high alert after eight armed robberies in seven weeks, two of which were carjackings. Police are investigating if they are connected.

Many of the victims are students, so UC Davis Police are now involved. On Wednesday, we learned more about the team of suspects who are targeting students and got a first glimpse of the suspects’ car.

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“Its insane,” said UC Davis Senior Libne Leon.

She is still trying to comprehend what happened on Tuesday night.

“I would not think this would ever happen to me but it happens,” said Leon.

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Leon and her roommate had just come back from dinner around 10:30 p.m. They pulled up across from their apartment on Alvarado Avenue when Leon says an armed man approached her roommate on the driver’s side.

“He went to her, told her to drop her car keys, drop her phone and from the van, three other guys came out and they were going towards my direction,” said Leon.

Leon says she snuck around the back of the car and hid her cell phone.

“So they told us to go across the street and lay on the ground but what I did was hide behind a car,” said Leon.

She quickly snapped blurry photos with her phone, showing a glimpse of the suspect’s vehicle, a white Odyssey minivan.

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“We were so nervous right after we called 911. It was a lot to process,” said Leon.

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Davis and UC Davis police immediately sent out alerts. This is the eighth armed robbery in 7 seven weeks.

“Because its been such a rash over the last two months we have definitely taken notice,” said Lt. Mike Green.

UC Davis Police say more information is better, especially when 40% of Davis’ population is made up of students.

“We want to make sure they are aware because the students don’t recognize jurisdictional boundaries and we want to keep them safe,” Green said.

He says the women did the right thing handing over their belongings

“Those things can be replaced but your life can’t,” he said.

Leon can’t believe the carjacking happened in a busy area with buses and students nearby.

“I still love Davis a lot. It’s a good university and the town is lovely. I just think we are being targeted because there are a lot of students,” Leon said.

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Authorities are looking for a White Honda Odyssey Minivan with a license plate number 6EQL 190. The victim’s car is a silver 4-door Audi with plate number 5VBZ037.