By Ryan Hill

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — People in Old Sacramento are fed up with cars and motorcycles ripping through the streets doing burnouts and lewd behavior happening late at night.

“They come down on their Harleys. They come down in their classic cars. It’s like the Wild West,” Troy Pasik, the founder of Hoppy Brewing Company, said. “They’re being loud. They’re being obnoxious. There’s a fair amount of public drinking. Blaring your radio, spinning your tires. You name it; they’re doing it.”

Pasik said the late-night disturbances started at the end of May. Some who live in a nearby apartment complex told CBS13 they’re getting a front-row experience that they didn’t ask for.

“Sometimes when they do their donuts and their burnouts, I can smell it in my apartment for the next three hours,” Steven Bennett, who lives in Old Sacramento, said.

The community manager for Bennett’s apartment complex placed letters with earplugs attached to them on tenets’ doors. The purpose of the letters was to tell tenets what they should do to raise their concerns with city and business organization leaders to address these late-night nuisances.

It encouraged people to send in pictures or videos as well; providing email addresses to the City Manager of Sacramento Howard Chan and Old Sacramento Waterfront.

More from CBS Sacramento:

The late-night disturbances aren’t unnoticed by the Sacramento Police Department. It’s been placing extra officers for a few weeks now to address the late-night disturbances from Thursday through Sunday.

“In the last two weeks, they have done a great job to calm the situation down. But it is still extremely chaotic and unpredictably dangerous out here,” Bennett said.

Police said from the weekend of October 16 through the 18, at least seven noise or other traffic-related violations were issued and three DUI arrests were made.

A city spokesperson told CBS13 that he was not aware the City Manager has received emails from Old Sacramento residents over the past several days. But, the spokesperson said that the City Manager certainly is aware of the issues and supports the work the Sacramento Police Department is doing to address and alleviate those issues.

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  1. Mike Ford says:

    Yup. My mother lives at the old folks apartments on the corner of 12th and C street. The people coming south down 12th deliberately rev up their motorcycles and cars at all hours of the night and day, 24/7, and just wreck the nerves of the disabled seniors and veterans who live at Globe Mills, especially the “all American” bikers on their Harleys. They love leaning on the horn and driving slowly under the overpass, then gunning it straight down 12th like its a raceway. They do it to disturb the sleeping homeless families and the elderly. It’s really sick.

    I’ve called the Sacramento Police, over and over, but they do nothing. And it’s gone on for years over here. I’ve noticed that its intensified drastically, since COVID, and especially leading up to the elections. A lot of the people doing it are those “patriotic American” types in big trucks. But it’s everyone.

    Don’t believe me? Grab a chair and kick it on the corner of 12th and C by the Globe Mills old folks home for half an hour. Bring your earplugs.

    1. Linus Sphinx says:

      Sounds like a great time.

  2. tester654 says:

    How did this pass editors??? “Tenet” is a core belief. I believe the word you’re looking for is tenant.

    1. Yukon Kizmiaz says:

      Tenets? No tenants? Journalists have become as dumb as the people who still watch news.

  3. Don9966 says:

    Wait… i thought we didn’t want police?

  4. Mark Tele says:

    Disappointed you censored my comment. I suspect you didn’t care for my use of a widely used and very accurate description of the vehicles used for this loud, stinky, obnoxious activity …
    “F_rt Car”. That first word, by the way, is in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

  5. phil rogers says:

    Let’s stop the cruel and historically inaccurate use of horse drawn carriages first. Those horses have to stand still and in place all day and half the night in triple digit heat. Because I have to look at them, I haven’t been to “Old Town” for about 20 years.

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