By Adrienne Moore

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The moments leading up to a man’s death were caught on newly-released body cam video from Stockton Police.

Shortly after officers tackled 29-year-old Shayne Sutherland, he died.

Officials say on the night of the incident, dispatch received a call for a cab to the ampm at an ARCO gas station. Moments later, another call came in from a rattled employee inside that same Stockton ampm store. The caller asked for “police as soon as possible because this guy is trying to threaten us and has ahold of a bottle of wine and just, just, he’s gonna throw it at us.”

Officers found Sutherland blocking the register. Body cam footage shows officers escorting Sutherland out and searching him while he denies threatening anyone. Sutherland then made a surprise admission, telling the officer he’s high on cocaine.

But when he’s asked about where he lives, things escalated and Sutherland appears to try and run away, getting into a scuffle with the officers. As Sutherland fought with officers, one officer managed to hold him down with his body while the other used a baton to press against Sutherland’s shoulders.

Sutherland became unresponsive after he was handcuffed. He later died at an area hospital.

The police encounter is under investigation. Officials said an autopsy did not find any injuries, but the toxicology results are still pending.

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Adrienne Moore

  1. Freeland_Dave says:

    Stockton, the county seat of San Joawuin County, has become an S_ithole of crime worse than just about any other county of California. Tracy is only 25 miles away and is becoming just as bad as a spillover bedroom community of the SF Bay area. I lived in Tracy for 38 years. It use to be a peaceful, relative conservative agriculterial based community. Today it’s largely a commuter town filled with Bay Area immigrants who brought the criminal element to town to take advantage of cheap development homes. When I first lived there the population of Tracy was about 8,000. In 38 years it’s over 138,000 and mostly liberal, which shows you what liberalism can do to the criminal element. Glad I moved. Never regretted it. Now my friends in Tracy all wish they had left with me.

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