By Steve Large

LODI (CBS13) — A Lodi city council candidate arrested on suspicion of money laundering last week is now leading by a wide margin in his council race.

Shakir Khan’s booking photo courtesy of the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office.

Shak Khan has 45 percent of the vote in the Lodi District Four council race, compared to incumbent Joanne Mounce, the next highest vote-getter, with just under 20 percent of the vote.

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“The work I did, hard work pays off, you know,” Khan said. “I worked hard for my campaign.”

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Kahn for alleged money laundering last Wednesday as part of an investigation into illegal internet gambling operations across the county.

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“Yes, I mean it was really surprising, you know, and a lot of things are really surprising,” Khan said.

Kahn has not been formally charged.

CBS13’s Steve Large asked Khan, given his wide lead in the election returns now, whether he can serve on the council?

“Have you had any conversations about what the arrest might do for your ability to serve,” Large said.

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“I’m not worried about it, because the voters know me,” Khan said.

More from CBS Sacramento:

Lodi’s city attorney declined to comment on Khan’s case and its impact on holding a city hall office.

California election law does ban individuals convicted of some felony crimes from holding public office.

San Joaquin County Sheriff deputies say Kahn’s arrest was tied to a smoke shop business in Stockton. It’s a business Kahn says he does not own.

“I don’t have nothing to do with that business, you know, so I’m not going to comment on that,” Khan said. “Because I have nothing to do with it.”

CBS13 reported on a shooting in 2019 at the smoke shop and spoke to Kahn on camera at the shop. Kahn’s attorney said he was connected to the business then, but is not anymore.

Election records show Kahn spent about $25,000 on his city council campaign. The final election results for this race aren’t expected for several more days.

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