SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A stash of hidden cash created a mad dash on the Sacramento State campus and around the state Capitol on Tuesday.

The Hidden Cash clues started rolling in on Monday exclusively on CBS13 and continues throughout the morning on Good Day Sacramento.

It was a frenzy in Sacramento as people from all over the region were following clues pointing to white envelopes with cash inside.

The envelopes were hidden all over the Sacramento State campus on Tuesday morning.

“We started at the parking lot and worked our way all the way up to the front,” said Benny Manzanares.

He and his daughter didn’t find any money, but four college students did.

“First thing I did was look under these bushes here and I found an envelope,” said Shelby Waltrip. Inside was $109.

She, her sister and two friends would find envelopes within a few steps of each other in the middle of campus. They’re not keeping all the money, instead deciding to give back to the less fortunate.

“We thought we’d go buy them breakfast, give them something to eat this morning so we bought a bunch of meals started cruising the streets and giving them to people,” Waltrip said.

Driving along Arden Way and Howe Avenue, the girls handed out eight meals in just a few minutes.

“The looks on people’s faces that we’ve given food to, it’s heartwarming and it makes us smile, and it’s just a good feeling,” said Whitney Waltrip.

Ten more envelopes were hidden in Capitol Park around noon, each containing $80 or $100.

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