ANTELOPE (CBS13) — An Antelope man was ordered to kneel on the ground and hand over money while a suspect held a gun to his head during a home invasion on Monday.

The home invasion on Monday was the third in the area. Two weeks ago, two men stormed a home less than two miles away on Ackerson Way. A half-hour later that same day, a family was held at gunpoint on La Tour Drive.

Shal says he’s sore from Monday’s brutal encounter, struggling with the three men who rushed into his home. But he can’t believe he’s alive.

“I thought they were going to shoot me,” he said.

He had just taken out his trash at 6:30 a.m. when he went inside his home, leaving his garage door open. That’s when he came face-to-face with three men, one with a gun.

“He says, ‘Get down, get down!’ so I kneeled down, so I went like that and he had the gun right here,” he said.

Shal says the trio stole his laptop, wallet with $500 inside, and his cellphone.

Then Shal decided to fight back, grabbing the suspect’s gun.

“And he came from behind and punched me,” he said.

The men rushed out of the home with Shal chasing them. Now he wonders if they’re behind the other two home invasions, exactly two weeks before his, in Antelope.

Two men entered one home through an open garage, while at another home four armed men followed a man into a home after he took out the trash.

All three happened on garbage day.

“I have a message for these guys; that sooner or later, these guys will be caught and, doing an armed robbery like this, they’ll be in jail for a long time,” Shal said.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s investigators haven’t said if they think the home invasions are linked. In all three cases, the suspects didn’t act alone.

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