SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento murder case is getting new attention thanks to an NBA player who grew up in the region.

Los Angeles Clipper Matt Barnes sent out a plea to find the suspected killer of his aunt, Tanganyika Hoover through social media.

Barnes posted on Instagram and Twitter a photo of suspect Michael Williams, saying “This dude stabbing my auntie in the neck last week.”

Hoover’s son, David Williams Jr, says he didn’t want to pressure his cousin into getting the word out about Hoover’s husband of 1 year and suspected killer.

“I know there’s nowhere he’s going to be able to go. Somebody is going to see him and at some point we will catch him,” he said. “He fooled everyone. We thought that he was a pretty good guy.”

Hoover’s family laid her to rest last week, and Michael Williams was nowhere to be seen.

“It hurts to know that I buried my mom Friday, and this guy is still running around living his life like nothing happened,” he said.

Police believe Williams is still in Sacramento, with one person reporting seeing him at 65th Street and Stockton Boulevard on Monday.

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