Vandals Key ‘Murder’ Into Tuolumne Veteran’s Vehicle, Rip Up Bumper Sticker

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TUOLUMNE (CBS13) — A veteran’s car was vandalized with an offensive message keyed into the side of her car, and her bumper sticker torn to shreds.

Jennifer Kyndra Artzer showed CBS13 the dog tags that are a symbol of the sacrifice and commitment as well as a source of pride. They are proof of the respect she’s earned serving our country in Afghanistan.

That’s why this vandalism is so hard for this lifelong Tuolumne resident and proud veteran to take.

“You wouldn’t expect this here, not in your home,” she said.

Someone carved the word “Murder” along the side of Jennifer’s SUV with enough purpose and anger to break through two coats of paint.

They also ripped up her bumper sticker that identifies her as a veteran.

“When I got up close and touched it and realized what it said, I just broke down,and I was very blessed that I was going to a VA appointment, because if I’d been going anywhere else I would’ve lost it,” she said.

Once word got around, her small mountain community was outraged.

“We are a town that is very much behind our servicemen,” said resident Tammy Johnson.

Jennifer wants to speak out to remind everyone that no matter how you feel politically, veterans deserve our respect.

“I realized it happened to me for a reason and I needed to be resilient and educate people about it,” he said.

Law enforcement did not return our calls for an update on the investigation .

Jennifer says she’s taking the SUV to the shop on Friday, and a local veterans group is stepping up to cover her $500 deductible.

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