SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The American River Parkway is seeing an uptick in fires this year, and now Sacramento County leaders are cracking down on fire pits.

The ban would not impact BBQ pits in designated areas. But it would put restrictions on BBQ use in other parts of Sacramento County parks.

Fires like the one on Fourth of July near Cal Expo have spurred county supervisors to consider the stricter laws.

“I think the ordinance makes perfect sense,” said resident Luzma Robles.

The ordinance would ban the use of BBQ grills at parks, except for in picnic areas and beaches.

For families like the Robles’, summertime barbequing is a tradition.

“It’s one of our favorite activities. [We] all get together, BBQ, have fun as a family,” Robles said.

But county leaders say many of the fires along the American River Parkway this year have been caused by people – and park rangers say they respond to call after call for burns caused by hot charcoal and wood left behind.

“People have to be careful and do everything within their reach to not do anything that would lead to a fire,” Robles said.

But some say they shouldn’t pay for someone else’s mistake.

“I think it’s a community park. The residents around here, they come to the park, they love to get family together and be able to BBQ a little bit,” resident Paul Yang said.

Yang says there are other ways to prevent fires started by people.

“They should have a guard, they should have a security guard at nighttime,” Yang said.

The ban would not impact barbequing on private property, just at park facilities. The county is expected to make a decision at the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday.

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