By Tony Lopez

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — What’s the smell in Rancho Cordova?

It’s part of CBS13’s Getting Answers Road Tour.

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In the lively city of Rancho Cordova, one part of town looks kind of dead, and a viewer we spoke to have a problem with that.

So what’s the city’s plan for Folsom Boulevard?

The city says it has spent $22 million on sidewalk and lighting upgrades on Folsom, and it has a long-term plan to replace the empty stores.

“In our Folsom Boulevard specific plan we have put in new zoning, specifically a thing that’s called an artisanal zone,” said City Councilwoman Lina Budge.

Instead there could be artists, manufacturers and brewpubs making their products in warehouses and selling it to the public on-site.

From that good-smelling plan, to something that smells much worse.

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Has anybody addressed the smell around the rendering plant?

The Sacramento Rendering Company, which processes animal waste materials, has taken steps to contain the smell, according to Budge.

“It’s been incredibly much better, but it is not perfect and so when people do something there is a phone number that they should call,” she said.

The number for the smell hotline is 1-800-339-6493.

“As quickly as they can call it’s best,” she said, “because that means the rendering plant owners can get out and do something about the problem right then.”

Now onto something that stinks in a different way.

Construction on Sunrise Boulevard is creating heavier than normal traffic, and one nice lady is losing her patience.

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The project broke ground on Aug. 15 and is expected to be completed by Oct. 3.