by Rick Boone

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Several grocery stores are increasing their social distancing rules, causing back-ups to get in the store.

Standing in line to just grab a snack is the new normal. These crowd control lines may have all of us reconsidering if you really have the time to get just one item.

Right now in Sacramento Winco, Costco, Walmart, Target, Trader Joe’s and many more stores are forming lines outside their stores to maintain crowd control inside.

“You got to stand 6 feet, they have lines taped out on the sidewalk, you can’t get close to anybody,” a grocery shopper said Friday.

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It’s a way to crowd control and develop safety barriers during this pandemic.

Some Winco customers told CBS13 the wait times outside the store can be as much as 10 minutes. There weren’t too many complaints Friday, just some now deciding they will limit store trips and may pile up on food a little more than usual.

“Figure out exactly what you need some you can shop for month and then it give us four more weeks that we’re not contaminating each other,” said a grocery store shopper.

Many other California cities have adopted this idea for grocery stores and even drug stores.

  1. XYZ says:

    Do an article: “There’s always one”, the one who doesn’t “get it”, who walks around doing everything opposite on purpose, crowding shoppers, touching all the veggies, merchandise with no intent to purchase, refusing even when TOLD by staff to keep 6 feet away esp. at checkout, REFUSING to do so. These “ppl” are either sick with the virus and bent on sharing, or just lunatic.

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