COLUSA (CBS13) — A Colusa couple allegedly kidnapped a teen and forced him to apologize for making their son cry, Colusa County Sheriff’s deputies say.

Investigators say the couple abducted the teenager while he was walking home, and then physically assaulted him after he allegedly hurt the couple’s son.

The teen victim’s mother says he had some bumps and bruises after the ordeal, and she wants to know why the couple went so far to try and teach her teen a lesson.

“My kid ain’t no angel but good Lord, ya know,” said Frances Sanapaw. “He doesn’t deserve that, I know that much.”

Rebecca and Jose Molina are behind bars after police say they kidnapped Sanapaw’s 13-year-old son, Nicholas, and forced him to apologize to their son for making him cry.

Sanapaw says Nicholas was playing near the river at Memorial Grove park with several other kids on Friday when Nicholis accidentally hurt the Molinas’ 6-year-old son, bringing the child to tears.

kidnap 1

That’s when witnesses say Rebecca Molina got angry, and snatched Nicholas by the shirt and started punching him.

But that wasn’t all. Investigators say Rebecca Molina went to get her husband and came back for Nicholas. They say the couple chased him down and forced them into their minivan, and then drove him to their home and forced him inside.

kidnap 2

“He made him get on his knees and tell their son sorry and that’s when the cops came,” one witness said.

The couple’s older daughter, Cynthia, says it was actually the teen who attacked her brother and their disabled mom earlier that day at the river.

“My dad was just trying to reprimand him,” she said. “She told me my 6-year-old baby brother was running to the bushes crying, hiding and shaking, because he didn’t know how to defend his mother against these big kids. That is ridiculous.”

Two sides with different stories, but they both agree what happened went too far.

The Molinas are now charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and child cruelty.


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