WOODLAND (CBS13) — A local wounded warrior who lost both legs in Afghanistan is being honored this weekend for his sacrifice and commitment.

With the help of a local nonprofit, Williams veteran Alex Jauregui will have a special home built to meet his physical challenges.

He’s a father to his four children and a loving husband to his wife, but to his fellow soldiers, he’s Staff Sgt. Jauregui.

On April 8, 2012, he was on patrol in Afghanistan when he stepped on an improvised explosive device. He’d been near explosions before.

“And this was just different. I really couldn’t feel my body anymore. I couldn’t feel my legs is what I’m trying to say,” he said

He was dazed, and bleeding.

“At first you don’t feel much pain but eventually you get a really bad burning sensation,” he said.

A buddy tried to reassure him, but Alex wanted it straight.

“I finally told him hey we’re buddies alright. I got it. I understand that but is both legs or one leg? He told me it’s both legs,” he said.

He returned to the United States for treatment and received prosthetic legs. He then learned about a nonprofit that helps wounded warriors get back on their feet, literally.

Homes For Our Troops is a privately funded organization that builds homes for severely injured, post-Sept. 11 veterans, so they can live independently.

“It’s going to be completely handicap-accessible meeting all the VA requirements and everything. I mean everything is handicap-accessible.”

Despite his physical challenges, he feels fortunate to be home with his family. But if he was able, he’d still be on patrol defending his country.

“There’s been several times I’ve been on patrol, and I’ve been like why do I do this? This sucks!” he said. “But when it comes down to it’s just about your buddies. That’s all that matters.”

The group will hold a groundbreaking ceremony in Woodland on Saturday.

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