SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s that time of the year when we look back at what people clicked on the most on

Today we’re counting all the way down from 100 to 76. Weather dominated the first part of the year, but Hawaii checks in twice in this part of the list.

100. Massive Grass Valley Sinkhole Prompts Emergency Declaration, Fear Ahead Of Looming Storms

The list starts with fears earlier this year from a massive sinkhole during an intensely wet January. This won’t be the first time the wet winter will come up on this list, nor will it be the biggest hole.

99. Grass Valley Woman Stranded In Hawaii

Nearly 2,500 miles from home, Sarah Grow was stuck in a hospital bed following a fall that left her unable to return from a vacation in Hawaii.

98. Officers Cracking Down On Drivers Cheating Registration Fees With Out-Of-State Plates

California law gives a 20-day grace period to complete the registration without paying a penalty, but many people have been skirting the registration requirement. The CHP even has a site for people to report cheaters.

97. Missing Sutter County Teen Found, Yuba City Man Arrested

What had started out as a missing person’s case involving a teenager disappearing after Church in April turned into something different when she was found.

96. Report Accuses Five-Star Resorts In Mexico Of Drugging Tourists

Right in the heat of tourism season, victims came forward saying the drinks they were having at certain resorts weren’t above the board.

95. Four Dead In Highway 70 Crash South Of Oroville

The crash claimed the lives of a child and three adults

94. Suspect In Fruitridge Road Double Murder Arrested

Two teenagers were shot and killed on a night in May while they walked together on Fruitridge Road, leaving a community in shock.

93. Police Officer Adopts Homeless Mother’s Opioid-Addicted Newborn 

So far the list has been doom and gloom, so how about a happy story about a newborn finding a new home with the cop who helped save that child’s life.

92. ‘Hot Convict’ Jeremy Meeks Now Apparently Living The High Life

Sometimes a second chance is as easy as a mugshot. That’s the case for Jeremy Meeks, whose booking photo went viral, leading to him finding a job in the world of modeling.

91. Gas Station Employee, 20, Killed In South Sacramento Shooting

The employee had gone out to talk to the men outside, and then things escalated to a deadly climax.

90. Criminals Across US Flocking To Sacramento Area To Set Up Illegal Pot-Growing Operations 

The agricultural feel of Sacramento is attracting a bad crop from out of state. Investigators found grow homes that in some neighborhoods that were linked to out-of-state addresses.

89. Police: Man Grabbed Child In Old Sacramento And Ran 

It was a shocking scene in Old Sacramento when a man took off with a child. He only made it 50 yards before he was stopped.

88. Escaped Mental Patient From Hawaii Spotted In Stockton

An escaped mental patient accused of the brutal slaying of a woman in 1979 somehow managed to hop a plane and make it to San Jose before anyone knew he was gone.

87. Elk Grove Police Kill Pit Bull That Bit Three People 

Police say it was a dangerous situation as the pit bull ran around the neighborhood, attacking at least three people, and say their only option was to shoot the dog.

86. Missing Yuba College Student’s Mom Breaks Silence 

Paula Ede says it took her weeks to have the courage to speak out and that the last few weeks have been a heart-wrenching experience for her and her family. Weeks later, Aly Yeoman would be found dead in an apparent drowning.

85. Truckers Coordinate ‘Rolling Protest,’ Slowing Traffic On Highway 99 

Truckers upset over changes to rules on logbooks rolled through the Sacramento area

84. In Wake Of Texas Church Shooting, Faithful Consider Firearms 

A brutal attack on a church left 26 people dead and a community reeling in Texas. The attack that stemmed from a family arguement has some rethinking security in churches.

83. Family Mourns Mom, 2 Kids Killed In Wrong-Way Crash 

A family mourned the death of a mother and her two sons after a car crash on Jackson Highway.

Police say the woman was driving with her sons early in the morning when she crossed over into oncoming traffic. Friends and family came by the dozens to the crash site later that evening in shock, unable to understand how this could’ve happened.

82. Lyft Driver Attacked In Sacramento 

A group of eight African-American men and women requesting a Lyft ride were told they couldn’t fit. That’s when the driver said some people in the group began assaulting her.

81. Confirmed Tornado Touches Down In South Natomas 

It doesn’t seem like it after a mostly dry December, but the year started off on a very wet and stormy note. Some of those storms included tornadoes like the one that touched down in Natomas. In January.

80. Suspects Linked To Shootout At Ramada Inn Identified 

A car theft investigation turned into a shootout that claimed the life of a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy.

79. Oroville Dam Spillway Damage Grows As Lake Oroville Continues To Fill 

It turned out to be the calm before the storm during the storms. A hole developed in the Oroville Dam spillway, creating a difficult developing emergency. The rain would keep filling Lake Oroville, meaning more water would have to be released through the damaged spillway. Days later, the emergency spillway would be used for the first time, setting the stage for a massive evacuation that weekend.

78. 5 Dead In Rancho Tehama Shooting At Home, School 

A gunman went on a roaming rampage through a small town in Tehama County, killing five people. It could have been much worse as he went for a school, but quick-thinking staff were able to get it on lockdown.

77. California Gas Tax Passes After Republican Lawmaker Wins $500 Million Promise 

It’s a story that will continue to resonate in 2018. State lawmakers looking for a way to fill the pothole in Caltrans’ road repair budget passed the first gas tax increase in years, but they needed help from a Republican lawmaker to get the job done. Now, that tax is the focus of Assemblyman Travis Allen’s campaign as he runs for governor and Republicans look for any kind of a foothold in a legislature dominated by Democrats.

76. Don Pedro Reservoir Flood Gates Set To Open For First Time In 20 Years

To drive home how incredibly wet last winter was, the Don Pedro Reservoir in Tuolumne County had to open its floodgates for the first time this century.



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