By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s a neighbor against neighbor battle heading all the way to city hall after the city planner mistakenly approved a homeowner’s extension on a Land Park home

“It just doesn’t fit; it’s too large,” says neighbor Susan Goodrich.

Michael Moser owns the home in question, and says it started with a dispute over his property line years ago.

“I think because of that, thats why I think we’re being held hostage and the city is being exploited,” Moser said.

The city admits it made a mistake approving Morse’s plans that break the building code. Of the 2,300-square-foot remodel of his home, only 9 square feet is in question.

The city code calls for a 25-foot setback from the street, and the blueprints Moser submitted clearly show the extension crossed the line. But it was approved anyway.

“We had probably made the assumption that it was 22 feet. thats the assumption,” said Sacramento Planning Director David Kwong. “If both next door homes were at 22 feet, than this one could be and I think that was the judgement in error that was made.”

It’s an error that’s turned into upheaval.

“I think everybody makes mistakes, but to have me rip my house down for a small corner—and I understand its a prominent house,” Moser said.

The planning commission will decide the fate of that extension on Thursday.


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