Rocklin Mother Gains New Self-Awareness From Beach Picture Her Children Took

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — It’s a simple image with a powerful impact.

For a Rocklin mother of three, a picture of her on a Tahoe beach was a life-changing experience. But it wasn’t the picture itself, it was the reaction from those who took it.

Bridgette White sat at her computer, took one look at the image and immediately said, “Who took this picture; I look horrible in this picture.”

She said she was wiped out when the photo was taken having just spent the day playing with her kids on the beach in Tahoe.

“I came back, and I kind of collapsed on the sand,” she said. “I was exhausted.”

As for the pose, the Rocklin mom cringed at first glance.

“I have body issues,” she said. “I’ve had them my entire life.”

Then she looked at it again, this time with the perspective of the very people responsible for capturing the image.

“My daughter came over and said, ‘Oh it looks like a postcard. You look so pretty, Mommy,’” se said.

That was her daughter, Lola, the photographer’s assistant that day. The one who took the picture, 7-year-old Cooper, got a little shy in front of our cameras.

But once he saw his work, he proudly exclaimed, “Oh, I took that picture Mommy, ’cause you look so pretty laying there.”

It was life-changing for her.

“It was big for me/ It was a big moment for me to feel that self-love that I don’t usually feel,” she said. “I never see myself the way they do. I looked at it and saw what they saw. They saw their mom.”

Now others are seeing it too, as the photo has garnered nearly 2 million likes on Facebook.

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